Nickel-Cadmium Battery

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nickel-cadmium battery

[′nik·əl ¦kad·mē·əm ′bad·ə·rē]
A sealed storage battery having a nickel anode, a cadmium cathode, and an alkaline electrolyte; widely used in cordless appliances; without recharging, it can serve as a primary battery. Also known as cadmium-nickel storage cell.

Nickel-Cadmium Battery


an alkaline storage battery in which the active substance of the positive electrode is nickelichydroxide (NiOOH) and that of the negative electrode is cad-mium (Cd), with iron (Fe) added. The electrolyte usually usedis a solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH), with an additive oflithium hydroxide (LiOH); the electromotive force is 1.3–1.0volts.

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