Nickel-Cadmium Battery

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nickel-cadmium battery

[′nik·əl ¦kad·mē·əm ′bad·ə·rē]
A sealed storage battery having a nickel anode, a cadmium cathode, and an alkaline electrolyte; widely used in cordless appliances; without recharging, it can serve as a primary battery. Also known as cadmium-nickel storage cell.

Nickel-Cadmium Battery


an alkaline storage battery in which the active substance of the positive electrode is nickelichydroxide (NiOOH) and that of the negative electrode is cad-mium (Cd), with iron (Fe) added. The electrolyte usually usedis a solution of potassium hydroxide (KOH), with an additive oflithium hydroxide (LiOH); the electromotive force is 1.3–1.0volts.

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A nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery has a higher energy density than a NiCd battery.
Specific energy has recently increased dramatically, from the 60-Wh/kg of the NiCd battery to 80 for NiMH, 160 for Li-ion and 200 for today's LiPo.
An extended NiCd battery provides 120 minutes of talktime, and 16 hours of standby time.
NiCd batteries are swiftly being phased out completely, as they offer only half the capacity of NiMH batteries for the same weight or volume, and only one-fourth that of Li-ion batteries, giving the NiCd battery a poor price-performance ratio.
9 V and 2 V over the full industrial temperature range of -40 to +85xC, making it ideally suited to run from one AA or AAA alkaline, NiMH or NiCd battery.
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The NiCd battery market 2000-2025, in volume (M cells)
A typical NiCD battery chemistry consists of three components: nickel oxide in its positive electrode called cathode, a cadmium compound at the negative electrode called anode, and a potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution in the electrolyte.
65V, Enabling Use With Even a Single, Completely Drained Alkaline, NiMH or NiCd Battery Cell
13 Ambient Operating Range :-0Degree C To 50 Degree C/32 Degree F To 120 Degree F 14 Display Resolution 15 Relative Humidity Ambient :-10 To 95 Percent Non - Condensing @ 86 Degree F 30 Degree C 16 Storage Temperature -13 Degree F To 150 Degree F/-20 Degree C To 60 Degree C Wihout Battery 17 Power -9V Alkaline Or Nicd Battery.
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