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The agreement to purchase Citibank and Cititarjetas' shares in Nicaragua, including commercial loans, personal loans, deposits and credit cards, was announced on March 25, 2015.
Russia previously promised to supply Nicaraguan police with military helicopters, urban assault vehicles, and firearms, also for use stopping drug traffickers, The Nicaragua Dispatch, an English-language news site, reported last year.
Nicaragua Canal Development Investment is joining hands with the government of Nicaragua for the massive project that is said to be worth around 50-billion US dollars.
Government has clearly stated that these elections marked a setback to democracy in Nicaragua and undermined the ability of Nicaraguans to hold their government accountable.
The announcement was made after Ortega met late Thursday with Chinese businessman Wan Jin, who is interested in Nicaragua s telecommunications sector.
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The Government of Nicaragua routinely announced its commitment to fight illicit drug trafficking and organized crime, including efforts to coordinate with other Central American countries to combat the drug trade.
Pan euthum i Nicaragua gyntaf ym 1994, breuddwyd oedd hunan lywodraeth i''r Cymry, a megis cychwyn oedd y broses awtonomi i bobl Arfordir y Caribi yn Nicaragua.
I first went to Nicaragua in 1993 with a brigade from a church in Tulsa.
After visiting with Marxist Hugo Chavez in Venezuela on January 13, and with Marxist Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua on January 14, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad skipped over to Ecuador to cheer at the inauguration of Ecuador's new president, Marxist Rafael Correa, on January 15.
Chaves flew to Nicaragua just for the occasion, and said he was filled with joy to see Nicaragua in the hands of Ortega.