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Joaquín, Nick


Born 1917 in Manila. Philippine writer and journalist; writes in English.

In the 1940’s, Joaquín studied at St. Albert’s College in Hong Kong. He decided not to devote his life to the church, however, and became a journalist. Joaquín began publishing in 1937. He gained popularity in 1952 with the publication of his collection Prose and Poetry. His short stories and poems are notable for their psychological insight and profound philosophy. Joaquín published the play A Portrait of the Artist as Filipino in 1950 and the novel The Woman Who Had Two Navels, in 1961. Both these works express nostalgia for the Spanish past of the Philippines; by glorifying the past, Joaquín criticizes the present.

On the whole, Joaquín writes in a realistic style; nevertheless, he also uses stream-of-consciousness techniques. In numerous essays he opposes the pointless imitation of Western (mainly American) models and defends the originality and independence of Philippine culture. Joaquín has translated poems by J. Rizal.


La Naval de Manila and Other Essays. Manila, 1964.
In Russian translation:
In Filippinskie novelly. Alma-Ata, 1973.
In Sovremennaia filippinskaia poeziia. Moscow, 1974.


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FVR notes: The copyright of this 1992 Nick Joaquin book is by ABOCON Enterprises, Manila.
In Tanghalang Pilipino's 'Nang Dalawin ng Pag-ibig si Juan Tamad,' adapted by Rody Vera from the Nick Joaquin children's story, the titular character does not even figure prominently until halfway into this musical.
The play of Nick Joaquin is set in 1941, in those few days before World War II exploded in the face of the elite who gloried in the might of the new colonizers, the Americans.
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Villegas Cultural Award and a Special Jury Prize for Nick Joaquin.
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Ilio, Hagedorn, Aguilar, Gamalinda, Francia, Ungria - the list of remarkable poets in this anthology is too long to mention, but I still wish I could add Jose Garcia Villa, Nick Joaquin, and Jose Lansang Jr.
I devoured the readings assigned us, getting to know the works of Paulo Freire in-depth, getting lost in the narratives of Renato Constantino, enjoying the works of Nick Joaquin - and ultimately deciding that theirs was the world in which I wanted to live, and not the world of Gregor Mendel or Einstein.
Every Filipino should see this work of art and appreciate our masters, Nick Joaquin and Rolando Tinio.