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an urban-type settlement and administrative center of Pechenga Raion, Murmansk Oblast, RSFSR, located near Lake Kuets-Iarvi, with a railroad station 196 km northwest of Murmansk. Population, 18,800 (1973). The Pechenganikel’ mining and metallurgical combine is located in Nikel’.

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Ayrica formaldehid, thiuram miks, kolofoni ayakkabi ve terlikte aksesuar olarak kullanilan nikel allerjinin nedeni olabilir.
2] emissions from the Nikel plant have risen but are now being captured to a greater extent as feedstock for the smelter's revamped sulphuric acid plant.
To widen the original perspective of the Barents Secretariat means to develop joint peace-studies after the manner of the Bakhtin/Kant Institute in Nikel on every border in universities all the way from the Barents Sea to the Black Sea.
We come here because we like to treat ourselves," Nikel told The Daily Star, while taking a swig of her vodka energy drink.
To save themselves, Erich and his friend Nikel volunteer to work in a logging camp.
Esta preocupacion no fue una caracteristica exclusiva de los partidarios de la Regeneracion; publicistas liberales como los editores del periodico El Nikel afirmaban que los hombres "tenian gran necesidad de Instruccion y de moral" (35).
Nikel prices continued to rise following Indonesia's mineral export ban (effective from January 12), but the prices of other nonferrous metals were mixed.
01125) in Pool (2*3), Nikel Ni(3) in amounts ranging between (0.
Including six Russian companies -- metal giants RusAl, Norilsk Nikel Evraz and Severstal, together with energy majors Gazprom and LUKoil -- on three separate scores, the survey, which was released on Wednesday, placed Russia in the middle of its Brics peers in a headline comparison of overall corporate performance.
En sik duyarlandiricinin nikel sulfat oldugu (%20,2), bunu potasyum dikromat (%8,3), kobalt klorit (%7,1), koku karisimi (%7,1), parafenilendiamin baz (%6), paraben karisimi (%3,6), N-isopropil-N-fenil-4- fenilendiamin (%3,6), yun alkolleri (%3,6), formaldehit (%3,6), quaternium15 (%3,6) takip etmekteydi.
Kaplama maddesi olarak krom, nikel, altin alasimli boyalar kullanilmaktadir.
A pesar de que el pH ligeramente acido, la presencia de Fe y Mn, favorecen la disponibilidad del Nikel, el cual es tomado por las plantas como [Ni.