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see HyderabadHyderabad
, former princely state, S central India. The former princedom of Hyderabad is now divided among the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Telangana. The Mughal empire conquered Hyderabad in the late 17th cent.
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, India.
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The oil and gas services provider has told Bursa Malaysia that brother of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, 60-year old Nizam, was appointed to the post effective Feb 22.
September 17 should be celebrated as grandly as August 15 is celebrated," he said demanding that the history of the struggle against the Nizam should be included in the school curriculum.
Shaikh Nizam also sits on the boards of many regional Islamic banks as a Sharia adviser.
Over one lakh devotees from in and around the state visited to pay homage at Baba Nagri, the shrine of Hazrat Baba Nizam Ud Din Kiyanvi.
Sitting in his shoemaking shop, Nizam told Pajhwok Afghan News the insurgents had snatched his wallet for three days in a row.
According to Shaikh Nizam Yaquby, perpetual bonds/sukuk are classified as tier 1 capital under the new norms.
Manama- Oct13 (BNA) The Waqf Fund, a Bahrain-based special fund to support Islamic finance training, education and research, hosted its third Shari'a Scholar session with leading Islamic finance scholar Shaikh Nizam Yaquby.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune Community Welfare AttachEa at the Pakistan embassy Rashid Nizam said he recently visited Qatar's Central Prison to meet the 35 Pakistani nationals who were currently serving imprisonment on various charges.
WHEN NRI businessman Muhammad Nizam allowed his son to drive his Ferrari on his ninth birthday and uploaded the video on YouTube to show to the world his son's ' talent', little did he know that he was inviting trouble.
Karachi's Nizam Energy (Pvt) Ltd has plans to launch quality solar modules and high quality solar energy products in Pakistan jointly with Canadian Solar, a big name in the sector.
Nizam Energy (Pvt) Limited, an alternative energy venture based in Pakistan, has announced its strategic partnership with Canadian Solar Inc.
To the troops, who recently took casualties during a raid on their outpost, Nizam poses an unprecedented problem.