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In 2004, the renowned Czech Nonet - a chamber music ensemble with 100 years of tradition, recorded the work.
131, 149 (2005), quoting Philippe Nonet & Philip Selznick, Law and Society in Transition: Toward Responsive Law 15 (1978).
36) As Nonet (1990) illustrates, the "will to nothing" is a problem for Nietzsche where "[t]he essence of nihilism is not that man neglects being, but that being abandons beings, so that man ceases to wonder at the wonder of being.
86) Krygier, above n 54, 1, quoting Philippe Nonet, 'Technique and Law' in Robert A Kagan, Martin Krygier and Kenneth Winston (eds), Legality and Community: On the Intellectual Legacy of Philip Selznick (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002) 49, 50.
Birth of the Cool 1957, Capitol Records Seminal "cool school" recording that featured a nonet with tuba and French horn.
Other headline artists include Ben Crosland's Threeway with guest, rising star vibraphonist Lewis Wright; virtuoso trio Troyka, which includes Mercury Prize-nominated organist Kit Downes; Partisans, playing richly lyrical and strongly melodic music from their new album 'Swamp'; 11-piece barrio funk and Latin soul band Bugalu Foundation; and rich, progressive arrange-ments from the Joshua Cavanagh-Brierley Nonet.
The Lluis Mather Nonet are appearing at the CBSO Centre in Birmingham tonight, with the leader's accustomed quartet augmented by a wind quintet.
Olsen assembled an all-star nonet of friends and colleagues, including trumpeter Bobby Shew and saxophonists Dick Oatts and Lynn Baker, and gave them free rein to wander through his compositions and add their unique voices to the proceedings, a press release says.
Para la primera dimension yo me apoyare en el proficuo estudio sociologico del Derecho desarrollado por Philippe Nonet y Philip Selznick (12) en la obra Law and Society in Transition: toward responsive Law.
English English June 1531) Regnault (16) quatrains: quatrains: Prime, Tercet, Matins, Primet, Sext, None, Terce, Sext, Vespers, Nonet, Compline Compline 15971(30 Paris: F.
The programme included Martinu's Nonet for wind quintet in three movements and Beethoven's Septet in E Flat Major.
While this setting is reminiscent of the Alec Wilder Nonet, the tessituras of the descant parts are not quite as high in Broughton's work--the implication here is one of color, not of range--and the use of tuba, like in Wilder's work, is especially effective in creating a full ensemble sound.