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promontory: see North CapeNorth Cape
or Nordkapp
, promontory, rising steeply c.1,000 ft (300 m) from the Arctic Ocean, near but not at the north end of Magerøya island, Finnmark co., N Norway. Although Magerøya is separated by a narrow channel from the mainland, North Cape, at lat.
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, Norway.
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The next day brought us to Honningsvag, the northermost city in Norway, and the departure point for North Cape, or Nordkapp.
Announcement of competition: Dry cleaning and laundry services Nordkapp municipality 2017 - 2020
Instead of testing it in and around a specially selected European city, a cosmopolitan army of motoring pundits were invited to drive the new Kuga on various legs of a 3,100-mile journey from Athens in Greece, to Nordkapp in Norway, commonly referred to as most northernmost point of mainland Europe.
Battling extreme weather conditions, potentially fending off wolves and other wildlife, the adrenaline junkie is making the trek to the most northerly point in mainland Europe - Nordkapp in Norway.
Group leader Abdul Wahid Al Sayed told Gulf News over the phone from Sweden, on their return trip, that they traversed around 4,800km from Hamburg, Germany to Nordkapp, Norway, which falls within the Arctic Circle.
In 2014, Gordon completed his first charity motorbike adventure, 'Arctic Ride 2014', by riding his motorbike 6,000 miles to Nordkapp in the Arctic Circle, raising over PS5,000 for brain injury charity Cerebra, who have helped his little brother Robbie over the past 18 years.
Anyone reading the classified hatches, matches and despatches in the Aftenposten paper may have choked on their aquavit when they read the following death notice: "Our dear Olausen Julenisse (Santa), born December 12, 1788, left us December 3, 2015 at Nordkapp (Norway's northernmost municipality).
The aurora belt hits Northern Norway in the Lofoten islands and follows the coast all the way to Nordkapp, Europe's northernmost point.
BIRD WATCHING: Fifteen kilometres west of Nordkapp lies the GjesvE*rstappan Nature Reserve a haven for birds of all kinds: puffins, cormorants, kittiwakes, eagles, and more.
I was heading for a winter wonderland, and the tone was set as soon as MS Nordkapp sailed into port at Bodo, just inside the Arctic Circle, but which has a relatively mild climate.
been accepted - the journey from Nordkapp (North Cape) in Norway to Cape Agulhas in South Africa.

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