Norris Dam

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Norris Dam:

see Tennessee Valley AuthorityTennessee Valley Authority
(TVA), independent U.S. government corporate agency, created in 1933 by act of Congress; it is responsible for the integrated development of the Tennessee River basin.
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No studies examining land mollusks have been conducted within Norris Dam State Park.
The topography of Norris Dam State Park is one of dry ridges separated by moist ravines and hollows.
The discovery of sympatric occupation between CP and BR faunas at Norris Dam suggests that the RV was not a barrier for some species and is also holding pockets of isolated populations of these relict species.
Norris Dam State Park is located near the merging of the RV and the Cumberland Mountains.
Norris Dam State Park may also be serving as refuge for other faunal elements of the CP and BR.
It's remarkable, then, that at peak efficiency the new turbines at TVA's Norris Dam are 3.
The walks are free and are hosted by TVA in conjunction with Ijam's Nature Center, Norris Dam State Park and the Friends of Norris Dam State Park.
Highway 441 and turn onto Dabney Road, which is approximately 1 mile north of Norris Dam and follow the signs to the parking area.