Norwegian Sea

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Norwegian Sea,

part of the Atlantic Ocean, NW of Norway, between the Greenland Sea and the North Sea. It is separated from the Atlantic by a submarine ridge linking Iceland and the Faeroe Islands, and from the Arctic by the Jan Mayer Ridge. The warm Norwegian Current gives the sea generally ice-free conditions.

Norwegian Sea


an outlying arm of the Arctic Ocean, located between the Scandinavian Peninsula on one side and the Faeroe Islands and Iceland and the Shetland, Jan Mayen, and Bear islands on the other. Area, 1,383,000 sq km; maximum depth, 3,734 m.

The Norwegian Sea is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by an underwater ridge, which forms the Faeroe and Shetland islands; the distance above the ridge to the surface does not exceed 600 m. There are shoals (for example, the Lofoten Banks) near the coast of Norway.

The warm Norwegian Current passes through the Norwegian Sea and renders it ice-free. In most parts of the sea the temperature of the water is 2°–7°C in February and 8°-12°C in August. The salinity is 34–35. 2‰. The Norwegian Sea has semidiurnal tides, measuring up to 3.3 m. It is rich in fish (cod and herring). The main ports are Trondheim, Tromsø, and Narvik (Norway).

Norwegian Sea

part of the Arctic Ocean between Greenland and Norway
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As the Soviets increasingly based their nuclear deterrence on SSBNs, the majority of which were based on the Kola Peninsula, they needed to secure a wider maritime defensive zone in the Norwegian Sea.
The fishing in the Norwegian sea is a very serious threat.
30 meeting NAMMCO also said it is necessary to continue research for a long period to assess the impact whales and other marine mammals have on fishery resources, and recommended similar studies in the Norwegian Sea and off Iceland, the JWA said.
She has reached two finals this year, her latest success being at the Norwegian Sea Food Challenge 200, staged at the Royal Garden Hotel in London.
A recluse filled with overweening contempt for the ``vulgar'' outside world, Znorko has lived for years on a barren private island in the Norwegian Sea.
At Murmansk, decommissioned nuclear submarines float at port, persistently leaking radiation into the sea and the air; in 1989, one submarine sank in the Norwegian Sea, and another exploded near Vladivostok, spreading a cloud of radiation and killing 10 sailors.
The conveyor's major features are set up by sinking of northward flowing, warm Gulf Stream waters in the northern Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea.
LONDON -- THE NORWEGIAN SEA is home to many different species of fish.
The agreement is for work on the North Sea fields Ula, Tambar, Hod and Valhall as well as the Skarv deposit in the Norwegian Sea.
The 482-km long 36-inch pipeline will run from Nyhamna in western Norway to the Aasta Hansteen field, creating a new "gas highway" from the Norwegian Sea to Europe.
Stoltenberg said the alliance "should stay vigilant" because Russia has increased its military air activity in the Black Sea and Norwegian Sea, as well as the Baltic area, even though most of the flights occurred in international airspace.
The announcement comes a month after the firm was awarded a contract by Statoil to carry out work in the Norwegian Sea, a vital step forward in the development of activity in the area as the first deep water development.

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