Gustav Noske

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Noske, Gustav


Born July 9, 1868, in Brandenburg; died Nov. 30, 1946, in Hannover. Figure of the extreme right wing of the German Social Democratic Party. After the beginning of World War I, a social-chauvinist.

Having become a member of the government—the Council of People’s Commissars—during the November Revolution of 1918, Noske took upon himself the role of a “bloodhound” (his own epithet). He mobilized the military forces of the counterrevolution, which in 1919 crushed the revolutionary actions of the workers of Berlin, Bremen, and other cities of Germany. From February 1919 until March 1920, he was minister of defense. However, Noske was forced to resign after the suppression of the Kapp Putsch of 1920, which was organized by the counterrevolutionary military clique that enjoyed his patronage.


Erlebtes aus Aufstieg und Niedergang einer Demokratie. Offenbach-am-Main, 1947.
In Russian translation:
Zapiski o germanskoi revoliutsii. Moscow, 1922.
Ispoved’ krovavoi sobaki. Petrograd, 1924.
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Among the old scopes I've owned was a Noske from the 1930's with an elevation turret marked in ranges out to 800 yards for a .
The funding was led by BMW's venture capital arm, BMW iVentures, and partner Christian Noske has joined the start-up's board.
The avifauna of Darwin is richer than that in most other Australian cities, says McCraie and Noske because there have been virtually no successful introductions or invasions of exotic birds; it supports a diverse array of habitats, including a large corridor of woodland and riparian forest adjacent to Darwin International Airport and defense airbase, which virtually bisects the metropolitan area; drainage has not been altered substantially; and the mangals (mangrove communities) that fringe the huge harbor and dissect the suburbs are still largely intact despite repeated attempt to reclaim them.
2007); sin embargo, varios se han enfocado en los Andes del Norte de Sudamerica y particularmente en Colombia (Sipman 1989, Wolf 1995, Noske 2005, Soto-Medina et al.
The reason for this was the decision of the Bavarian government, in consultation with the national defense minister Gustav Noske (1868-1946), to create a Civil Guard (Einwohnerwehr) for the state.
10) 11 Recent monographs dealing with art song now introduce Liszt alongside his contemporaries; for example, Lorraine Gorrell and Frits Noske devote attention to Liszt's German and French songs, respectively.
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There is an increase in studies on rural roads and forested areas, due to their importance in runoff and sediment yield (LUCE; WEPLE, 2001; JORDAN; MARTINEZ-ZAVALA, 2008; SHERIDAN; NOSKE, 2007).
Noske is so intensely focused on alienation and devaluation that she leaves herself no way out.
The heroic but abortive German Revolution of 1918-19, in which Luxemburg (along with Liebknecht) was murdered by right-wing Freikorps paramilitaries, followed the machinations of Ebert, Noske and others in the right social democratic government, overseeing repression of the workers' and soldiers' councils: 'The counter-revolution danced a jig over their graves, believing that the social revolution had been struck down once and for all' (p.
Il semble que le genereux donateur ou la genereuse donatrice eprouve beaucoup de joie en douce a ce petit jeu qui court sur une si longue periode", estimait le chef de la redaction locale, Henning Noske, dans une tribune publiee debut fevrier.