Novak, Michael

Novak, Michael (John)

(1933–  ) Catholic educator, author; born in Johnstown, Pa. He graduated from the Georgian University in Rome (1958) and later taught at Stanford University (1965–68), the State University of New York (1968–73), and other schools. He wrote numerous books on Catholicism, identity, and spiritual growth, and became an increasingly more prominent, and outspoken, conservative critic of contemporary trends in American society. His best-known works are The Experience of Nothingness (1970) and The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics (1972). In Choosing Our King (1974) he proposed that there should be two presidents of the United States—one with the power, another with the ceremonial role.
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According to Merrill, the CKW Team is joined by relationship managers, wealth analysts and associates Jack Mullen, Mike Grande, John Pagliari, Nick Novak, Michael Majewski and Emily Taylor.
New York Pizza and Bar, New York Pizza and Bar LLC; Novak, Michael Thomas; Novak, Rachael A.
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