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Novell's flagship network directory service which was included in NetWare as Novell Directory Services (NDS) beginning with Version 4. It was also available for Windows NT/2000, Windows Server 2003, Solaris, Linux, AIX and HP-UX.

Based on X.500
Based on the X.500 directory standard, eDirectory maintained a hierarchical database of information about network resources within a global enterprise, including networks, users, subgroups, servers, volumes and printers. Users logged in to the network, and eDirectory determined their access rights. eDirectory also supported LDAP.

When eDirectory was NDS, it supported the X.500 structure, but not all of the protocols. With the addition of software from Nexor Limited, eDirectory could query X.500 directories in governmental agencies and other organizations.

From NDS to eDirectory
As of Version 8, Novell Directory Services (NDS) became NDS eDirectory and a platform independent product that used the Internet's DNS naming system. Later, the NDS was dropped from the name. Version 8.5 added DNS Federation, which united DNS with NDS's original directory architecture, in which every network resource was an object. See network directory.
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The relationship with Nortel Networks further validates the power of Novell Directory Services to securely manage the opportunities of a networked world.
The heart of Novell's strategy is Novell Directory Services, a part of NetWare 4 that made administration of a network of many servers in many locations easier.
Features include flexibility and manageability through integration with Novell Directory Services, a single point of administration to allow live upgrades and maintenance, and support of storage area networks.
Comprehensive platform support for standard directories like eDirectory, Novell Directory Services (NDS), Active Directory, Sun ONE iPlanet, Windows NT4 domains, and other LDAP compliant directories
Features include an easy-to-use graphical user interface and support for industry standards, such as LDAP, and for Novell Directory services.
Novell pinned its success in the quarter on sales of products that use its Novell Directory Services software, which saw 31% year-over-year growth and accounted for 92% of total revenue.
Synchronicity for GroupWise eliminates many of the cumbersome, time-consuming, and demanding management tasks that plague Novell Directory Services (NDS) installations as administrators seek to synchronize it with GroupWise.
DirXML extends the capabilities of Novell Directory Services 8, linking and managing the places where business and network information -- including software applications, network operating systems, databases and network devices -- is stored.
a leading provider of management solutions for desktop systems and mobile & wireless devices, Tuesday announced the addition of integration support for Novell Directory Services (NDS) with its popular MA2000 device management software.
The aim of the Ventures group is to accelerate the growth of the directory market and at the same time boost sales of the networking giant's Novell Directory Services and NetWare server platform.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD Network Peripherals Inc (NPI) has signed an agreement with Novell Inc to integrate Novell Directory Services, Novell's directory services system, into every model of its new line of gigabit Ethernet Layer 3 switches.
In its bid to make Novell Directory Services (NDS) a repository for all enterprise data, Novell Corp will today announce the availability of Virtual Replica - metadirectory technology that enables NDS to store and share data with other directories on the network.

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