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in chronology, the conventional period of a lunation, i.e., passage of the moon through all its phases. It is usually computed at approximately 29 or 30 days. For the computation of the month and its harmony with the solar calendar and for the months in others than the
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It would probably be the middle of November at least; the middle of November was three months off.
On the 4th of November fifty workmen commenced digging, in the very center of the enclosed space on the summit of Stones Hill, a circular hole sixty feet in diameter.
On the 10th of November, Captain Bonneville visited a place in the neighborhood which is quite a region of natural curiosities.
Accordingly, on the 11th of November, he took a temporary leave of his band, appointing a rendezvous on Snake River, and, accompanied by three men, set out upon his journey.
They continued on their journey for several days, without any incident worthy of notice, and on the 19th of November, came upon traces of the party of which they were in search; such as burned patches of prairie, and deserted camping grounds.
The next day, the 5th of November, at twelve, the delay would
John Knightley must be in London again by the end of the first week in November.
Chance had strangely favoured Phileas Fogg, for had not the Carnatic been forced to lie over for repairing her boilers, she would have left on the 6th of November, and the passengers for Japan would have been obliged to await for a week the sailing of the next steamer.
So I ate the lunch I had brought with me, hoping that it was what I wanted; but it was chilly, made up of sandwiches and pears, and it had to be eaten under a tree at the edge of a field; and it was November, and the mist was thicker than ever and very wet-- the grass was wet with it, the gaunt tree was wet with it, I was wet with it, and the sandwiches were wet with it.
The moisture dripped from the same ledge in the wall on to the sodden leaves beneath, as it had done all through the afternoons of all those past Novembers.
1 November Hassanabdal Sub Division, 2 November Patriata, 3 November Khayaban-e-Sirsyed, 4 November Khana Dak, 7 November Seham, 08 November Jand, 10 November Attock City and Cantt, 11 November G-11, 14 November Mandra, 15 November Domeli, 16 November Civil Line, 17 November Margallah, 18 November Dhamial, 21 November Dhoke Kala Khan, 22 November Bewal, 23 November Adyala, 24 November Wadala, 25 November Pirwadhai, 28 November Bhara Kahu Urban, 29 November Chak beli Khan and 30 November I-10 Sub Division.
77 percent in the export of cotton cloth was recorded during the period under review rising from $191 million in November 2013 to $194 million in November 2014.