November 30, 2021

November 30, 2021


Advent (Sunday nearest November 30 through December 24)
Celebrated in: Germany

River Kwai Bridge Week (Last week in November)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Bonifacio DayPhilippines
Independence DayBarbados, Yemen
St. Andrew's DayScotland
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PTCB said the renewed accreditation for the program runs through November 30, 2021.
The new rent represents a modest reduction from the rent previously paid; however, the new lease does not include any landlord concessions, such as a deferred rent period or an upfront landlord capital contribution, and does not provide an early lease termination right by the tenant prior to the lease expiration on November 30, 2021.
term: terms of this bid are for a base year starting december 1, 2017 through november 30, 2018; year ii (optional) december 1, 2018 through november 30, 2019; year iii (optional) december 1, 2019 through november 30, 2020; year iv (optional) december 1, 2020 through november 30, 2021 as outlined within this document.
this contract may be extended for one (1) additional two (2) year period at the sole option of the authority at the same terms and conditions as the original contract to be effective december 1, 2019 through november 30, 2021.
period of contract: december 1, 2016 through november 30, 2021.
Term: Date of award to November 30, 2021, with an option of 4 additional 1-year peripds.
the term is anticipated to begin on december 1, 2016 and expire on november 30, 2021 however may not begin until a fully executed contract has been awarded and a valid purchase order has been approved.