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(1) (Network User Interface) A user interface for a computer attached to the network. The NUI is designed to work with remote applications and files as easily as local files.

(2) (Notebook User Interface) A term coined by Go Corporation for its PenPoint pen-based interface.

(3) (Network User Identifier) A code used to gain access into local European packet-switched networks.

(4) See Novell Users International.
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Air New Zealand's new code-share arrangement with Air Tahiti Nui, which is subject to approval by the respective governments, will offer North Americans a better spread of non-stop services to and from the Pacific.
24, AGL Resources completed its public offering of 11,040,000 shares of its common stock, raising approximately $332 million to purchase the outstanding capital stock of NUI and to fund other projects.
AGL Resources announced its plans to acquire the financially troubled NUI in July of this year.
In addition, NUI has closed down and/or divested most remaining nonregulated businesses and effectively resolved significant regulatory and legal investigations faced by the company, including the BPU Focused Audit and investigation of NUI Energy Brokers by the New Jersey Attorney General.
From a financial perspective, once the SEC approves the transaction and closing occurs, AGL Resources will pay all NUI shareholders of record $13.
Today's action is a milestone for NUI because it brings us closer to the culmination of the merger process in the state of our origin, New Jersey," said Craig Matthews, NUI President and Chief Executive Officer.
NUI shareholders also approved the election of the following individuals to the NUI Board of Directors:
The settlement calls for NUI Corporation to provide certain additional information and disclosures to shareholders, as reflected in the "Additional Disclosure" section of NUI's proxy statement supplement, filed today with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
NUI also announced that NUI Utilities has drawn down the $50 million delayed draw term loan available to it under its existing credit facility and has used the proceeds to defease its outstanding $50 million medium term notes.
In addition, Air Tahiti Nui operates 6 weekly nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Paris.
consider and vote upon a proposal to adopt the Agreement and Plan of Merger (Merger Agreement), dated as of July 14, 2004, by and among AGL Resources Inc (AGL), NUI and Cougar Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of AGL that was formed solely for the purpose of the merger;