Numerical representation

Numerical representation (computers)

Numerical data in a computer are written in basic units of storage made up of a fixed number of consecutive bits. The most commonly used units in the computer and communication industries are the byte (8 consecutive bits), the word (16 consecutive bits), and the double word (32 consecutive bits). A number is represented in each of these units by setting the bits according to the binary representation of the number. By convention the bits in a byte are numbered, from right to left, beginning with zero. Thus, the rightmost bit is bit number 0 and the leftmost bit is number 7. The rightmost bit is called the least significant bit, and the leftmost bit is called the most significant bit. Higher units are numbered also from right to left. In general, the rightmost bit is labeled 0 and the leftmost bit is labeled (n - 1), where n is the number of bits available. See Bit

Since each bit may have one of two values, 0 or 1, n bits can represent 2n different unsigned numbers. The range of these nonnegative integers varies from 0 to 2n - 1. To represent positive or negative numbers, one of the bits is chosen as the sign bit. By convention, the leftmost bit (or most significant bit) is considered the sign bit. A value of 0 in the sign bit indicates a positive number, whereas a value of 1 indicates a negative one. A similar convention is followed for higher storage units, including words and double words. Various conventions exist for representing integers and real numbers.

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This can be seen, for example, in the understanding of ~gender~ as simply concerned with the numerical representation of the two sexes in most quantitative analyses.
5 of the platform includes the new Vortex Profiler, an application that enables rapid debugging and optimization of simulation performance through graphical or numerical representation of performance-hungry models, scenes, and scenarios.
Within the year however, Wittgenstein had, Engelmann argues, given up the search, the 'biggest difficulty' being that 'the numerical representation of [visual] phenomena by means of the system of coordinates does not represent them correctly' (41-42).
The Church is not about banal numerical representation, but must grow according to where the planted seeds have most flourished.
And Ireland's champion trainer Willie Mullins boasts the biggest numerical representation, a sevenstrong team, spear-headed by current ante-post marketleaders Prince De Beauchene and On His Own.
0908199 Inquiry Trail 1503 11:52 Table 3 Numerical representation of group) size, composition, and meantime spent on the non-inquiry trail.
Achieving numerical representation of racialized faculty in Canadian universities has been a longstanding impediment to meeting the goals of employment equity.
Mick Channon, who has an excellent record in this Group 3 race, with two winners in the last eight years (Music Show and Silca's Gift), holds the strongest numerical representation.
The IVF utilises scientific visualisation to create 3D images and graphics that aid in the analysis of complex numerical representation.
Again, a numerical representation of Katz's inconsistency is reflected in OSU results.
It is expected to give its nod to the numerical representation for the Indian rupee that could be the Hindi alphabet R with two lines.
Nonetheless, women's numerical representation in US politics lags behind comparable democracies.

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