Nurse, Rebecca

Nurse, Rebecca (b. Towne)

(1621–92) witchcraft victim; born in Yarmouth, England. She was excommunicated and executed in 1692 at the height of the witch craze in Salem, Massachusetts. In 1712, the same pastor who had excommunicated her formally and publicly canceled the excommunication.
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Kensington registered nurse, Rebecca Noonan, was awarded the $2000 first prize, sponsored by First State Super, for her short story A Final Farewell' about the empathy and professionalism of a midwife following the tragic loss of a newborn.
Another Stepping Hill nurse, Rebecca Leighton, was arrested and charged in the early stages of the investigation and locked up for more than a month before she was released without charge, the jury heard.
Before his arrest, another Stepping Hill nurse, Rebecca Leighton, spent six months in prison accused of poisoning patients.
To register parents are asked to email the nephropathy family study nurse, Rebecca Morgan - rebecca.