Nysa Klodzka

Nysa Kłodzka


a river in southwestern Poland, a left tributary of the Oder (Odra) River. The Nysa Ktodzka is 195 km long and drains an area of 4,500 sq km. Rising in the Sudetes, the river flows through a hilly plain and, in its lower reaches, through the Silesian Lowlands. The average discharge at the river’s mouth is 25 cu m per sec, and the water level rises 3 or 4 m during flooding. In its upper reaches are the Otmuchowskie Reservoir and a hydroelectric power plant. The principal cities along the river are Nysa and Klodzko.

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Contract Award: Construction Of Boboszow - A Dry Flood Control Reservoir On Nysa Klodzka River
The evaluation of vertical activity areas of the Snieznik Massif, Krowiarki, Zlote Mountains and Nysa Klodzka Graben was carried out on the basis of measurements at the I-st and II-nd class state precise levelling lines, located near these areas.
Close to the Nysa Klodzka river water-gap, both the base and upper crest of the fault scarp decrease in elevation.
The contract is for the supply of electricity, including the sale of its facilities to the Regional Water Management in Wroclaw The Board of Nysa Klodzka Basin / s Otmuchowie the planned total amount estimated by the contracting authority within 30 months at the height of ca 3682.
between Bad Muskau and Wroclaw and along the middle and lower course of the Nysa Klodzka River.
The Upper Nysa Klodzka Graben (UNKG) is situated in the southern part of the Klodzko Depression.
The contract ,, The tasks in the field of active protection to protect habitats: grasslands grasslands 6210 * 91E0 Alluvial willow, poplar, alder and ash and 91F0 Riparian forests of oak-elm-ash, in the years 2017-2019 (including removal rdestowcw the need to protect the habitat * 91E0 and 91F0 in Natura 2000: Opole Nysa Klodzka Valley, the White Przylek Glucholaska and ivotice Legi, for a period of 1 year it - 2017).
Cretaceous sediments constitute part of the Cretaceous Bohemian Basin infill, therefore they extend beyond the ISS boundaries, making up the major infill of the Nachod Basin (NB) and the Upper Nysa Klodzka Trough (UNKT) (Wojewoda, 1997).
Point Bardo, near Nysa Klodzka River, on the other hand shows relationship with high water levels in the river valley during the flood of 1997 (Fig 7c).
They were applied, however, exclusively to most spectacular escarpments--smf, marginal fault of the Upper Nysa Klodzka Trough.
Significant changes of gravity ([increment of g]) registered between 1997 and 1998, in the "Paczkow Graben" network, are connected with catastrophic flood in Nysa Klodzka river valley (July 1997).
This observation is consistent with divergence observed along the long profile of the highest Quaternary terrace of the Nysa Klodzka River, whose height above the river bed increases downstream from 35 to 55 m (Krzyszkowski et al.