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see UusikaupunkiUusikaupunki
, Swed. Nystad, city (1996 pop. 17,631), Western Finland prov., SW Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia. A local trade center and port, it has sawmills, machine shops, granite quarries, and a shipyard.
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, Finland.
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Livonia--roughly modern Estonia--became part of Sweden through the Truce of Altmark in 1629, after 70 years of belonging to Poland, then passed to Russia in 1725 under the Treaty of Nystad as a result of the Great Northern War.
BRONZE--Germany (Nicole Fessel, Stefanie Boehler, Claudia Nystad, Denise Herrmann)
A late surge by Claudia Nystad enabled Germany to win the women's cross country final ahead of Sweden, who had led at every exchange.
Ragnhild Nystad, vice-president of the Sami parliament, said: "The Sami people have not been consulted.
Este testamento politico fue esbozado por Pedro el Grande despues de su victoria en Poltava, en 1710, contra el rey Carlos XII de Suecia; el mismo lo reviso en 1722 despues de la paz de Nystad que consagraba el declive sueco; el canciller Ostermann le dio, en 1730, el toque final.
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Young nobles and sons from the German- and sometimes Swedish-speaking merchant class in the regions of southeastern Finland saw their status change from being subjects of Sweden to being subjects of Russia with the conclusion of the Treaty of Nystad in 1721.
by the Treaty of Nystad (Uusikaupunki) (August 30, 1721); assumed the title of Emperor (Imperator) (November 2, 1721) and occupied Derbent (in Dagestan), Rasht, and Baku during a brief war with Persia (1722-1723); died in St.
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