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see Organization for Economic Cooperation and DevelopmentOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
(OECD), international organization that came into being in 1961. It superseded the Organization for European Economic Cooperation, which had been founded in 1948 to coordinate the Marshall Plan for European economic recovery
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Putting BEPS considerations high on a company's agenda will help position it to prepare for change, better manage risk and respond to the impact of the OECD initiative.
OECD bolsters relationship with Kazakhstan - Signs Kazakhstan Country Programme Agreement
National standards of well-being are not felt equally by people living in different regions," said OECD secretary-general Angel Gurria, presenting two new reports on regions at the recent 12th European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels.
2 per cent, although the OECD said it expected the underlying recovery in the economy to reassert itself following the dent to growth caused by an April sales tax increase.
Another factor contributing to the instability of the international tax system that is generally unrecognised by the Action Plan is the purposeful implementation of favorable tax regimes and rules by OECD and G20 Member States (among others).
For the full list of OECD member countries, (http://www.
The OECD recommends that Japan use regulatory reform to help boost growth and make agriculture more competitive and more "market-oriented.
What is remarkable and underappreciated, though, is the pivotal role played by the OECD system in both issue areas.
As all three books chronicle and debate, the OECD bas indeed found new roles in changing times.
The OECD was officially formed on September 30, 1961, the media statement of Bulgaria's Foreign Ministry reminds.
The 90th session of the OECD Tourism Committee and the OECD/APEC Tourism Working Group Forum opened on Monday in North Jeolla Province.