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The state government has also turned out to be big winner through the Onam lottery, with an estimated profit of Rs500 million, which is the net amount left after paying the winners and deducting expenses incurred in running the lottery.
His friend, Pranav Nair, a sales executive, said it was great to have a long break coinciding with Onam giving him ample scope for family celebrations.
The objective of this article is not to investigate the veracity of the myth behind Onam, but to expose the cultural agenda of fundamentalist groups who want to hijack cultural artefacts for their own purpose.
As an exceptional in-flight dining experience, part of Jet Airways' 'Guest First' initiative, the Onam feast will allow guests to partake in the festival while onboard.
Having said this, we are quite upbeat about the Kerala market especially during the Onam season.
Over the centuries, Onam has assumed a secular dimension and cultural programmes and public festivities have become an integral part of the festival.
INDIAN restaurant Rasa is currently celebrating its third year during the auspicious Kerala festive season of Onam.
This year too, as part of their annul festivities, SDC celebrated Onam on 'Thiruvonam' day.
Summary: The three-day Onam festival will see top stars from the Malayalam film industry perform at the World Trade Centre on September 28
While speaking to ANI, a college student expressed her exciting for the festival saying, "Today is Onam, so our cousins, parents and grandparents are gathered here in our ancestor's home to celebrate.
The performance was part of BKS' Onam celebrations, Sraavanam 2017, which began last week to mark Kerala's harvest festival at its premises in Segaiya.
With both Eid Al Adha and the Indian harvest festival of Onam taking place in August, customers can avail special offers at Pure Gold Jewellers this month.