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, city (1989 pop. 32,300), capital of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area, NW Siberian Russia, on the lower Ob River. It is a river port and has fish canneries, lumber mills, and shipyards. The population is mainly Russian.
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, Russia.
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In her first summary of the Obdorsk dialect, she named the mood latentive ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1995: 126-132); she switched to the term evidential several years later.
The following examples are from the Obdorsk dialect.
Obdorsk Khanty requires use of the evidential if the main sentence contains a verbum dicendi:
So Shvanenberg came up with the following solution: "I convinced Tsybulenko to sail with us only as far as Baideratskaia Bay [on the shores of Tobol'sk province], whence he could easily reach Obdorsk, and then travel up the Ob' River back to Eniseisk province.
Coached by a fellow prisoner who was a doctor, he imitated the symptoms of sciatica convincingly enough to be left behind for treatment in the local hospital before being sent on to Obdorsk.
Most of the material used for the analysis is from the Obdorsk Mission, founded in 1854, which worked for the most part among the Nenets, Khanty, and Mansi populations, who knew very little or nothing about Christianity.
The Obdorsk branch of the missionary Brotherhood of St.
7) In the missionaries' opinion, "the peculiar conditions of life of the natives inhabiting the region of the Obdorsk Mission, their distance from the parish church (between 300 and 600 versts [320-640 km.
This excerpt from Trotsky's account of his journey, in 1907, from Berezov to the Urals, after his escape from a convoy of prisoners heading for Obdorsk, provides little of the sort of factual data found in Rommel's "carnets," but focuses rather on his impressions of the extraordinary landscape in which he found himself and upon the minute physical detail of his journey.
the same rhyme generally correlates with the -uolle rhyme in Northern Sami (CL) (attested in 3 etyma), the -al(o) rhyme in Erzya Mordvin (6 etyma), the -ol(d) rhyme in Mari (3 etyma), the -ol rhyme in Tavda Mansi (3 etyma), the -ul rhyme in Vach Khanty (2 etyma), the -al rhyme in Hungarian (3 etyma), the -ale rhyme in Obdorsk Nenets (3 etyma), the -are rhyme in Baicha Enets (2 etyma), the -el rhyme in Tas Selkup (2 etyma), the -ele rhyme in Mator (2 etyma).