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Complete removal of an organ or other body part by disease or surgical excision.
Closure of a lumen.
Loss of memory or consciousness of specific events.



(1) In medicine, the complete closure of a hollow or tubular organ as a result of proliferation of tissue—usually connective tissue—from the organ’s walls. Obliteration usually results from an inflammation; more rarely, from the proliferation of a tumor. Obliteration can produce serious disorders, for example, endarteritis obliterans. Retention cysts, such as atheromas, can develop from the obliteration of certain ducts, including glandular ducts. Complete obliteration of the oviducts leads to sterility. Obliteration can also be a healthy sign or condition. For example, obliteration of the pleural cavity in pleurisy is an indication of healing, and obliteration of the vaginal process of the peritoneum occurs in the normal course of development.

(2) In botany, the normal flattening of cells and tissues. The intercellular and intracellular cavities of a plant can be filled because of obliteration. Examples of the disappearance of internal cavities because of obliteration can be found in the membranes of some fruits, in the tissues of a developing embryo, and in a plant stem that is growing thicker.

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The liberal, secular tactic of forcing religion offstage aims, not at the preservation of the citizen's spiritual life to be conducted in private, but at the steady erosion and eventual obliteration of religion altogether.
Three factors militated strongly against them - tv globalism, the poached-egg nature of the programme and the toxic site, which made obliteration of history a matter of public safety.
Unfortunately, certain members of the public, in a disappointingly low ebb of decorum, accounted for the complete obliteration of several beautiful echoes through various forms of extraneous cacophony.
Obliteration spills Like ink upon a page Enshrouding words in blackness.
But now the Pacuare and 3,000 acres of surrounding primary forest have been condemned to obliteration by the same precipitous banks that once deterred encroachment.
The laboratory work not only offers an explanation for HSV's persistence, but also suggests the virus may help other pathogens escape immune obliteration.
Spacecraft and machinery are designed with complex and multileveled structures, which allow them to sustain minor injury, major damage or total obliteration, creating stunning realism for players.
These tables will be used for the obliteration of postal items by La Poste workers in the sorting industry.
Marina has ong is about "the e of getting drunk, drunk n side of having a g said that the song "the depressing side drunk, the obliteration having a good time".
Wirral Council is, of course, doing its own bit by declaring the obliteration of anything remotely cultural or which might make its citizens feel good about themselves through their past achievements.
Older theories hold that they are congenital abnormalities caused by an incomplete obliteration of pharyngeal pouches.
It was a year when the Iranian president called for the obliteration of Israel and deemed the Holocaust a ``myth.