a city; center of Oboian’ Raion, Kursk Oblast, RSFSR. Situated on the right bank of the upper course of the Psel River (a tributary of the Dnieper), 60 km south of Kursk. It is linked to the Rzhava station on the Kursk-Belgorod line by a 31–km branch. The Moscow-Simferopol’ highway passes through the city. Oboian’ has an experimental plant producing wooden slabs, and also a cannery, a creamery, an automotive repair plant, a furniture factory, a building-materials combine, a meat-packing and poultry-processing combine, and a food-processing plant. There is a library science technicum and a teachers college.

Oboian’ was founded in the mid-17th century as a defensive outpost. It became a city in 1779.