Observation Post

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Observation Post


a specially equipped place from which the actions of the enemy and friendly troops are observed; in addition, control is exercised over subunits when the commander is at an observation post.

Observation posts are set up in all types of combat, and their location is determined by the commander. In an offensive, observation posts may be set up in tanks, combat vehicles, or armored personnel carriers. In a defensive operation, observation posts, as a rule, are set up in specially equipped installations and are carefully camouflaged. At observation posts, 24-hour guard duty is conducted and an observation journal is kept. There are basic, reserve, and special observation posts (artillery, engineer, etc.). Sometimes dummy observation posts are set up.

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After being shelled out of their observation post in Krosevo, W.
Harley [28] in support of its position that the location of the observation post should not be disclosed.
L/Cpl Michael Pritchard was at an observation post watching for Taliban bombers in Afghanistan, when he was mistaken for one and killed by L/Cpl Malcolm Graham.
An Israeli force has started constructing a new barbed-wire of 6 m height, around the observation post of Jabal el-Sheikh, as the old barbed wire was damaged during winter season, concluded the correspondent.
Just then, chaos struck as one observation post lost its satellite signal and thus its ability to exchange valuable data within the response.
Councillors have also agreed to the installation of a high resolution camera and a police observation post on the road.
Summary: <p>Israel removed a controversial observation post close to the Blue Line early Monday morning, according to reports from south Lebanon.
KFAR SHUBA: Dozens of Lebanese protesters briefly took over an unmanned Israeli observation post in a disputed south Lebanon border region and hoisted Lebanese and Hezbollah flags on Friday.
The report comes three days after the military said militants in South Waziristan had killed five government soldiers and wounded seven others in an attack on a fort and an observation post in South Waziristan, for which government forces retaliated and caused ''heavy'' enemy casualties.
UN peacekeepers called the Israeli army 10 times asking them to stop bombing before their observation post was hit, killing four observers.
A barrage of Hezbollah-fired rockets aimed at northern Israel fell short and struck a United Nations observation post near Zarit, the Israeli army said today.

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