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occupational therapy

Med treatment of people with physical, emotional, or social problems, using purposeful activity to help them overcome or learn to deal with their problems

Occupational Therapy


the use of work for therapeutic purposes. Occupational therapy may be prescribed, for example, to improve body tone or to normalize metabolic activity—in which case treatment takes the form of outdoor work, such as gardening, that involves many of the muscles. In traumatology and orthopedics, functional restoration of the extremities may be achieved through specific forms of physical work with a given range of movements and the use of some particular groups of muscles.

Occupational therapy is most extensively used in psychiatric treatment for its beneficial effect on mental patients. The type of work prescribed depends on the patient’s condition and may have a stimulating or a tranquilizing effect. In subacute and chronic mental diseases or states of mind in which the personality is altered, occupational therapy can significantly contribute to the patient’s social and occupational rehabilitation. Work of gradually increasing complexity serves to exercise and strengthen compensatory processes, thus facilitating the transition to regular industrial work. Socially useful work and the influence of co-workers also have therapeutic and prophylactic value.

In the USSR, psychiatric hospitals and clinics usually have special occupational therapy workshops for the treatment of mental patients. Staff members of psychiatric institutions organize work activities in the patients’ homes and in various hospital departments as well as in the special workshops. Workshop personnel includes nurses and physicians who observe the patients, make recommendations with respect to work activities, and administer medications.


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occupational therapy

[‚ä·kyə′pā·shən·əl ′ther·ə·pē]
The teaching of skills or the use of selected occupations for therapeutic or rehabilitation purposes.
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As one of the fastest growing professions in the country and abroad, updating the regulatory framework for the practice of our occupational therapists would undoubtedly complement the talent and skills of Filipino occupational therapists not only to make them globally competitive but also to enable them to give greater service to our country and our people," he added.
We are extremely excited to offer a new streamlined service that enables occupational therapists to easily renew their license online, said Vonda Malnikoff, Executive Secretary, WV Board of Occupational Therapy.
The article titled: 'Material objects tell the story of an occupational therapist working in post-World War II New Zealand' included two references that should have read: Wilson, L.
Occupational therapists are increasingly playing a key role as part of integrated health and care teams across Wales.
Occupational therapists work with adults and children with a wide range of conditions - most commonly those with a mental health illness, physical or learning disabilities.
Over the recent decades, most occupational therapists have pursued specialized positions in mental health or rehabilitative settings, despite their broad training.
Because of these meanings, this study seeks to analyze the knowledge of speech therapists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists about the interdisciplinarity in the health care and about the attributions among them.
Occupational therapists have been incorporated into PC teams in Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada (Cook & Howe, 2003; Donnelly, Brenchley, Crawford, & Letts, 2013, 2014; Letts, 2011; Mackenzie & Clemson, 2014; Mackenzie, Clemson, & Roberts, 2013; Tracy, Bell, Nickell, Charles, & Upshur, 2013), but their role in PC is not yet well recognized in the United States.
During Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield, occupational therapists were represented in the first hospitals to deploy to Southwest Asia.
EIM delivers its Orthopaedic, Sports, and Neurologic Physical Therapy Residency, Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy Fellowship, Postprofessional Doctorate of Physical Therapy, and Manual Physical Therapy, Industrial Health, Pelvic Health, Geriatric and Executive Program in Private Practice Management Certification training programs to physical and occupational therapists where they live and work.
The patient may go on the programme or have an individual physiotherapy session, have a home visit by the occupational therapist or have an appointment with a geriatrician, if there are medical concerns," she said.
If a patient has been hospitalised for a significant amount of time, occupational therapists will devise practical and emotional strategies to help the patient rehabilitate and settle into life outside the hospital.

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