Ocean Drilling Program

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Ocean Drilling Program:

see under Deep Sea Drilling ProjectDeep Sea Drilling Project,
U.S. program designed to investigate the evolution of ocean basins by core drilling of ocean sediments and underlying oceanic crust. Funded by the National Science Foundation, the project was directed by the Joint Oceanographic Institution for Deep
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I got a cruise approved--just barely--by the Ocean Drilling Program," Dick said, and in 1987 he returned aboard the ODP drillship, JOIDES Resolution, to take his first stab at penetrating the Moho.
The ACEX was accomplished by implementing a fundamentally new, multiple-vessel approach developed under the auspices of the Ocean Drilling Program and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.
In February 2001, the Joides Resolution, the 143-metre drilling platform flagship for the Ocean Drilling Program, arrived in Townsville, prepared for its latest drilling research.
She is coordinator of public information for the Ocean Drilling Program in College Station, Texas.
Edgcomb had also analyzed subseafloor rock samples collected from a 2008 International Ocean Drilling Program expedition off the coast of Peru, and she and WHOI biologist Rebecca Cast discovered evidence of fungi living in them.
Beth Orcutt of the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences used the JOIDES Resolution, a sophisticated 470-foot scientific drilling vessel operated by the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), to sample the muddy and sandy sediments that blanket the rocks on the seafloor, as well as drill into the hard crustal rocks themselves in order to understand how microbes can "breathe" and get the energy necessary to live in this remote environment.
I also thank NWO for their continued support of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP).
Oceanographic Institution and a codirector of the recent expedition, which was part of the Ocean Drilling Program.
The Integrated Ocean Drilling Program international expedition has obtained this information from the paleoclimatic history preserved in sediment strata in the Antarctic depths.

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