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Open Document Architecture (formerly Office Document Architecture).



a city in southern Ghana, in the Eastern Region. Population, 40,700 (1970). Oda has a railroad station and a wood-products industry.

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The ODA is a starting pistol being fired by many hands joined together.
Other projects lined up for financing via Japanese ODA are: PNR (Malolos-Clark Airport-Clark Green City Rail, Cavite Industrial Area Flood Management Project, and Malitubog-Maridagao Irrigation Project Phase II.
The so-called Saemaul ODA programs under ex-President Park, which were committed to honor her father's legacy, ended in failure because they were excessively politically motivated.
Whereas traditionally, apartment dwellers have had to spar for the four coveted corner units framing each floor of any standard building, by using two standard floor plans--mirrors of each other--and flipping them in different directions around the central axis of each tower's mass, ODA has created three distinct, multi-dimensional facades, each filled with mid-floor "comer" units.
International public finance as measured by the DAC includes three main types of financial flows: ODA grants, ODA loans and Other Official Flows (OOF).
Finally, we examine whether the estimation bias introduced by ODA events varies across deal characteristics.
Despite their shared needs for development assistance, the size of Korean ODA has varied significantly across African countries.
Over 2009-2011, these countries together received an annual average of US$218 million, 72% of basic nutrition ODA commitments.
These results reflect the capacity of Epic Ion and the 4,4'-(hexafluoroisopropy Idiene) &phial ic d ian hydride moieties or of the PDA and ODA moieties to influence the hydrophobicity and electron-donor or electron-aceptor characteristics of the studied PI blends.
During 2010/2011 Spain cut its aid budget by nearly a third, while Greece slashed ODA by 40 percent.
As a result of the government's efforts to promote green growth as the core of the nation's ODA policy, the share of green ODA has grown from 11.
Since November 2006 he has led for ODA on construction products, playing a key role in ensuring; that the significant quantities of materials required to construct the games are sustainably procured and delivered and perform as required.