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Because odonate wing venation is complex and full of autopomorphies (Rehn, 2003), the set of wing characters of Erythemis provided a mostly unresolved tree (Fig.
There were significantly more uncommon/ rare odonate species that primarily inhabited lotic habitats than lentic habitats ([chi square]=7.
Over the years that site has produced interesting odonate records including a swarm of Selysiothemis nigra, breeding Pseudagrion decorum (Feulner 2001) and breeding Anax imperator, as well as other unusual plant and animal records.
Memebrs of the order diptera such as chironomids and mosquito larvae become the food fish and many invertebrate groups including odonates such as dragonfly.
To complicate matters, Oregon has eight eco-regions, so to spot all the possible species of odonates requires a good deal of travel.
Like many insects, odonates are relatively short-lived.
What happened next led to the biology teacher's continuing enchantment with odonates, an order of insects that includes dragonflies and their relatives, damselflies.
The comprehensive chapters on the biology and ecology of Irish odonates, photography, and field work make it an invaluable reference for odonatologists, amateur naturalists and enthusiasts alike.
In Kenya, tree holes with fewer mosquitoes are associated with the presence of odonates in them (19).
State of knowledge of their odonates is likewise scarce, represented by preliminary communications of this research (Muzon et al.