Offa's Dyke

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Offa's Dyke,

ancient entrenchment of W England and E Wales, from the Dee estuary to near the estuary of the Wye River. It was built in the 8th cent. by Offa, king of MerciaMercia
, one of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, consisting generally of the region of the Midlands. It was settled by Angles c.500, probably first along the Trent valley.
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, as a barrier against the Welsh and lies mainly along the England-Wales boundary. Watt's Dyke, a similar work, roughly parallels a section of Offa's at a distance of c.2 mi (3.2 km). Parts of the dikes are well preserved.
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The Welsh Government has invested PS752,000 on key site preparation works to enable Charlies Stores to build a new headquarters and e-commerce fulfilment centre on Offa's Dyke Business Park in Welshpool.
TRETCHING for over 150 miles, Offa's Dyke is one of the wonders of the British Isles, but it's one we tend to take for granted.
It is known the silver penny was first introduced in 785 by Offa, king of Mercia - the monarch who created Offa's Dyke and Lich-field.
THE chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing has attacked the prime minister over his description of Offa's Dyke as the "line between life and death", saying it is seriously demoralising staff.
OFFA'S Dyke Path is one of 12 designated National Trails and the only national trail to follow a man-made feature.
Profit-hungry firms aren't let rip on public services west of Offa's Dyke.
The crisis response charity has organised the marathon walk along the Offa's Dyke Path in North Wales on Saturday, September 8.
THE British Red Cross is urging Brummies to dust off their boots and take part in a 26-mile walk along the Offa's Dyke Path in North Wales on Saturday, September 8.
Although Welsh he seems to have it in for Wales for some reason, tending to decry or disparage all things appertaining to his country, while at the same time indicating similar things the other side of Offa's Dyke are infinitely preferable.
A Midland farmer plans to stage a charity rock concert on top of Offa's Dyke to raise funds for Help for Heroes.
Ten sports science students and seven members of staff from Wirral Metropolitan College began the 177-mile stretch of Offa's Dyke in aid of the college charity Help for Heroes.
The 51-year-old plumber will walk all 168 miles along Offa's Dyke Path, which runs the entire length of the border between England and Wales, to raise as much as he can for the leukaemia fund.