Office 2010

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Office 2010

The latest version of Microsoft's Office suite, introduced in 2010. It uses the same revamped interface and file formats that debuted with Office 2007 and adds enhancements for collaboration and social networking. For example, multiple authors can edit a Word document at the same time, and Outlook users can see their social network contacts in their inbox.

Different Packaging
Instead of the five product packages offered in Office 2007, Office 2010 was reduced to three retail products: Home & Student, Home & Business and Professional. Office Professional Plus is a version for volume licensing that includes Microsoft's Lync unified communications, InfoPath forms creation and SharePoint Workspace (formerly Groove) for synchronizing SharePoint libraries and lists. See Office file formats, Office 2007 and Microsoft Office.

OFFICE 2010 RETAIL VERSIONSHome    HomeStudent  Biz  Pro

  Word         X    X    X
  Excel        X    X    X
  PowerPoint   X    X    X
  OneNote      X    X    X
  Outlook           X    X
  Access                 X
  Publisher              X
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They can access them using only a web browserOffice mobile applications: that helps users stay up-to-the-minute using their phone to quickly review or edit their work on the goIgnore Conversation Thread: as part of the new Conversation View in Outlook 2010, you can act on an entire conversation in a single click -- filing or tagging the conversation for follow-up, or you can "Ignore" entire threads -- moving the current messages as well as any future replies into the Deleted Items folderMicrosoft Office 2010, codenamed Office 14, is a Productivity Suite for Microsoft Windows and is the successor of Microsoft Office 2007.
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