Office 2013

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Office 2013

The previous Office suite from Microsoft. Introduced in preview mode on Windows RT tablets in 2012, Office 2013 was a major upgrade. It runs on regular Windows desktops but is also geared to tablets by providing options such as extra space around navigation elements and providing a non-editing and less-cluttered mode when only reading Word documents. Office 2013 runs under Windows 7 and 8, and the revised interface leans to the Windows 8 (Metro) style.

Although the Ribbon has a flatter look than previous versions, the menus remain mostly the same. There are many enhancements throughout the various applications; for example, in Word, a PDF file can be opened and edited in the Word format, and a Simple Markup option lets authors read comments from collaborators. All the apps, including Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook have been revised.

Office 365 - Subscription Version
Office 365 is a subscription version of Office. The home version lets users install Office onto five PCs and five tablets, while the business versions offer more features for up to 300 users (see Office 365). See Microsoft Office.

The 2013 Ribbon
The Office 2013 Ribbon (top) has a flatter look than the previous Office, but the menus are similar.

Tablet Touch Mode
Office 2013 has a Touch Mode option that eliminates the Ribbon header, footer and scroll bars for touchscreen use on tablets.
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