Official Salary

Official Salary


in the USSR, monthly wages. Payments in the form of an official salary are established for managers, engineering and technical personnel, clerical and professional employees, junior service personnel, security personnel, and certain categories of production workers. Salaries for enterprises in different sectors of industry and the national economy are determined by tables of official salaries ratified by the Council of Ministers of the USSR or by the State Committee on Labor acting on behalf of the Council of Ministers.

Enterprises are subdivided into several classes with respect to the salaries of managers and engineering and technical personnel. These classes depend on such factors as the number of workers, the volume of production, and the complexity of the products manufactured. The shops and production sections of enterprises are also subdivided into classes according to salary payments to managers and engineering and technical personnel.

Enterprises are assigned to a particular class by the appropriate ministries and departments on the basis of established indexes. Two tables of official salaries are stipulated for clerical workers at enterprises. One covers enterprises in heavy industry, transportation, and construction; the other is for light industry, the textile industry, the food-processing industry, and housing and municipal services.

The tables of official salaries generally provide a minimum and maximum salary for each position. This enables the administration, when setting salaries, to take into account a worker’s qualifications and the volume of work entailed by the job. Personal merit salaries may be designated for the most highly qualified specialists. In a number of sectors of the national economy, specialists who have higher academic degrees may receive salaries at the level of associates at scientific research institutes.

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Police sources said, "As per their official salary records, they had transferred approximately Rs 13,73,428 as salary in Yadav's account from January 2012 to October 2015.
com/queen-elizabeth-ii-royal-family-members-receive-amount-taxpayers-2644334) official salary was increased by [pounds sterling]6 million ($8,404,260), so she is now receiving [pounds sterling]82.
The annual fee of a master player, called "Chapandaz" in local language, can reach $60,000, four times the official salary of an Afghan minister, according to those involved in the sport.
From officials, it is planned to collect up to 10 percent of their official salary for failure to fulfill the approved forecast of local budget revenues, 10 percent for exceeding the tax debt on payments, and 10 percent for failure to meet the calculated indicators for revealing the reserves of increasing revenues of local budgets.
Morales' official salary is US$20,100 per month, a figure that increased to US$27,300 with the bonus from the armed forces.
In 2013, Miller's official salary totaled $25 million.
After one day they called me and asked me to bring six months' salary slips, although I had already provided them an official salary certificate.
authorities say Nguema Obiang has an official salary of less than $100,000 per year, however, he has leveraged his position and influence to gather a fortune worth $300 million through corruption, money laundering, and violating other laws of both countries.
The richest Cabinet official, Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario was only in 32nd place, based on his official salary of P1.
They will be based on the minimum threshold salary for the position, even if the official salary of the intern is lower.
8 ( ANI ): South African President Jacob Zuma relied on a circle of businessmen and politicians to fund a lifestyle that massively exceeded the means of his official salary when he was deputy president until 2005, receiving payments exceeding 8 million rand, newly-released documents have revealed.
The figures were published in the Government's official salary survey, the Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings.