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(in German, Eger), a river in northwestern Czechoslovakia (with sources in the Federal Republic of Germany); a left tributary of the Elbe (Labe). It is 316 km long and drains an area of 5,600 sq km.

The Ohře originates in the Fichtel Mountains; below the city of Kadaň, it flows through a hilly plain. High water occurs in the spring. The mean flow rate in the river’s middle course is 38 cu m per sec. There is a hydroelectric power plant on the Ohře. The river is used for irrigation. The resort of Karlovy Vary is located at the confluence of the Teplá and Ohře rivers.

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Based on the ascertained stratigraphic inconsistencies among the Ohre facies area and other regions of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, stated by mineral and chemical analyses of the comparative boreholes, the revision of results of the Brezno near Louny Pd-1 borehole was started.
In the stratigraphic segmentation of Cretaceous Formation of the Ohre region elaborated by M.
In the Ohre facies area this lamina is indicated as "coprolitic" and stratigraphically it is rated as the uppermost part of the local Jizera formation, i.
The presence of the zone Xd in the upper part of the profile of the Pd-1 borehole can be explained by its location in one of the biggest Ohre aulacogene bodies of the fracture zone between Brezno, Dobrom?
The southern margin of the CS was long known to coincide with the boundary between the crustal blocks (terranes) of the Saxothuringicum and the Bohemicum and to represent the northern limit of the Permo-Carboniferous basins (Ebert, 1932, Ohre Line of Maska, 1961, Ustek Fault of Klein ed.
The term LDsF was used by Kopecky (1974, 1978) for a hypothetical deep-seated structure limiting the Ohre Rift in the southeast.
New results of these research activities call for a reassessment of the tectonic setting of the Ohre Graben interior.
The contract is the implementation of technical and safety supervision of water works in PovodE[degrees] Ohre, state enterprise in the years 2016 to 2018.
Contact point: PovodE[degrees] Ohre, stEitnE[degrees] podnik
The contract is the implementation of technical and safety Supervision (TBD) of water works (hereinafter referred to as VD) in PovodE[degrees] Ohre in 2015.
Agency : PovodE[degrees] Ohre stEitnE[degrees] podnik