a dialectal phonetic phenomenon of the Russian language. A characteristic feature of the northern subdialect, it consists in differentiation of the vowels a and o after hard consonants in unstressed syllables—for example, drová, “firewood”; golová, “head”; travá, “grass”; sazhál, “he [I] planted.” Complete okan ’e is accompanied by the opposed pronunciation of o and a in all unstressed syllables (the Novgorod, Olonets, Po-mor’e, and Vologda-Kirov accents and also many Siberian accents). Partial okan’e (the Vladimir-Volga Region subdialect group) distinguishes a and o in the first pretonic syllable; reduction occurs in the remaining unstressed syllables (gəlová, məlokó, “milk”).

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The Non-Executive appointments of Stella Cummings, Sally OKane, and Joan Doherty to the Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) Board have also been extended for a maximum period of 6 months from 1 April 2018.
Tam Okane added: "It's nothing to do with having nothing to hide, it's all about infringements on privacy.
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6] Modeling of molten metal flow in a continuous casting process considering the effects of argon gas injection and static magnetic-field application BAOKUAN LI, TOSHIMITSU OKANE, and TAKATERU UMEDA METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS B VOLUME 31B, DECEMBER 2000--1491.
DERRY: S O'Kane K McGuckin, K McCloy, J Keenan, P Cartin, S M Lockhart, G OKane, F Do - herty, J Conway (0-3), B McGoldrick (0-1), C Gilligan (0-2), M Lynch (1-0), E Muldoon (2-1), Paddy Bradley (0-9), Paul Bradley (0-2) Subs: Paddy Bradley for K McGuckin 10 mins, J Diver for B McGoldrick 62 mins, G Donaghy for P Bradley, C McKeever for M Lynch 68 mins
Ram 1 year old: 1, P Okane, 2, A Murray, 3, T W Scott.
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