an urban-type settlement in Nekouz Raion, Yaroslavl Oblast, RSFSR. Situated in the extreme western part of the oblast, 2 km from the Pishchalkino railroad station on the Yaroslavl-Sonkovo line. Peat is extracted in the area.



a monthly literary and sociopolitical journal; organ of the Writers’ Union of the RSFSR. It has been published since 1924 in Moscow. Its founders included D. A. Furmanov, F. V. Gladkov, A. I. Bezymenskii, Iu. N. Libedinskii, and A. S. Serafimovich. Editors in chief of the journal have been F. I. Panferov (1931–60; with interruptions), V. A. Kochetov (1961–73), and A. A. Anan’ev (since December 1973).

Oktiabr’ has published many important literary works by Soviet writers, including chapters from A. A. Fadeev’s The Rout and the first part of his novel The Last of the Udegs, the first part of M. A. Sholokhov’s The Quiet Don and the second part of his Virgin Soil Upturned, F. I. Panferov’s Bruski, G. E. Nikolaeva’s Battle on the Way, and E. G. Kazakevich’s The Blue Notebook.

Other prose writers whose works have been published in the journal include A. P. Chapygin, V. Ia. Shishkov, V. A. Kaverin, K. G. Paustovskii, B. L. Gorbatov, L. S. Sobolev, A. B. Chakovskii, B. N. Polevoi, A. D. Koptiaeva, M. S. Bubennov, S. P. Babaevskii, and V. A. Zakrutin. Works by the poets V. A. Lugovskii, E. A. Isaev, S. V. Smirnov, A. V. Sofronov, V. A. Soloukhin, and V. I. Firsov have also appeared in Oktiabr’. The main sections of Oktiabr’ are Poetry and Prose; Publicistics and Essays; Abroad; Oktiabr’ Diary; Literary Criticism; and The Writer Talks With the Reader. Circulation, 204,000 (1974).


Maksimov, A. A. “ ‘Oktiabr.’ ” In Ocherki istorii russkoi sovetskoi zhurnalistiki: 1933–1945. Moscow, 1968.


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State Tax Service Vice Chairman Oktiabr Abdykaimov said in October 2013 the Unified Tax Declaration form has been developed and is agreed on among involved agencies.
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Oktiabr Musulmankulov, secretary of Bishkek committee of the party 8.