a city under oblast jurisdiction in Kuibyshev Oblast, RSFSR. Landing on the right bank of the Volga on the Saratov Reservoir. Railroad station 18 km east of Syzran’. Population, 33,000 (1974).

Oktiabr’sk has a combine producing articles used in construction, as well as wood fiberboard and chipboard. It also has a plant producing insulation materials, a clothing factory, and an asphalt plant. Freight is transshipped from the Volga to railroads and vice versa. Oktiabr’sk was formed in 1956 from the settlements of Batraki, Pravaia Volga, and Pervomaiskii.



(until 1967, the settlement of Kandagach), a city; center of Oktiabr’sk Raion, Aktiubinsk Oblast, Kazakh SSR. Junction of railroad lines to Moscow, Tashkent, Gur’ev, and Orsk, 95 km south of Aktiubinsk. Population, 10,000 (1973). Oktiabr’sk has railroad enterprises.

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