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A language inspired by Scratchpad.

[J.K. Foderaro. "The Design of a Language for Algebraic Computation", Ph.D. Thesis, UC Berkeley, 1983].


official speech of Oceania; language of contradictions. [Br. Lit.: 1984]
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Such nuances precisely illuminate Syme's Oldspeak worries.
Spin has finally moved us into the Orwellian darkness of "newspeak, oldspeak, doublethink and doublespeak.
During the interview, which appeared in Rutherford's online magazine Oldspeak, Whitehead asked Thomas about the claim that America was founded on Christianity.
They'll indulge in a little psycho-babble, noting that it takes both members of a dyad to create a dysfunctional arena (or, in Oldspeak, it takes two to tango).