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the name of three rivers in southern Africa.

(1) The largest (right) tributary of the Limpopo. The Olifants, which measures 560 km long, flows through the Republic of South Africa and Mozambique. It rises in the Witwatersrand region. The upper course is shallow and full of rapids. High water occurs in summer, in connection with the monsoon rains.

(2) A 250-km-long river in Cape of Good Hope Province, Republic of South Africa. It rises in the Olifantsrivierberge and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. High water occurs in winter.

(3) The principal source of the Gourits River in southern Cape of Good Hope Province, Republic of South Africa; length, 185 km.

All three rivers supply irrigation needs.

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In the Black Mamba operation room in Olifants West, photos of rhinos with severed faces and hacked-up spines coat the wall, a daily reminder of the brutality that takes place in Kruger.
Inland, it is hot and dry, but with irrigation water readily available from the Olifants River, high yields are easily achievable.
Bookings: Olifants Camp 013 735 6606 or SANParks Central Reservations 012 428 9111
Cimarosa Olifants River Chenin Blanc 2008 pounds 3.
Mitchell argues that this specific region, along the Olifants River around which the narrative is centered, was colonized not because of the Company or the imperial army but because of the influence and actions of the settler population.
The study was carried out in quaternary catchment B72A of the Olifants river basin, which is part of the Limpopo basin in South Africa.
I'm always on holiday in France, of course, but for a real break, Olifants River Game Reserve, in South Africa.
So all the carcasses are being torched at Olifants Gorge in Kruger Park, South Africa.
Rangers discovered the first of the carcasses last week in the Olifants River, and helicopter searches later revealed more of the dead animals, said spokesman Raymond Travers.
1999, "Bioaccumulation of copper and zinc in Oreochromis mossambicus and Clarias gariepinus, from the Olifants River, Mpumalanga, South Africa," Water S.
In this rocky, mountainous, and semiarid region, only the Olifants and Doorn rivers flow year round.