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[Lat. omnibus=for all], large public conveyance. A horse-drawn urban omnibus was introduced in Paris in 1662 by Blaise Pascal and his associates, but it remained in operation for only a few years. The omnibus reappeared c.
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It was then I picked a big book club omnibus edition of Sherlock Holmes stories.
The omnibus edition of Corrie was replaced by the oh-so-sweet and uncontroversial film Pollyanna, which says it all.
She added: "Remember you can also watch the week's episodes in the omnibus edition which is broadcast late Sunday afternoon, which also has on-screen English subtitles.
His final episode will be broadcast at 7pm on Sunday, and repeated at 2pm on Monday, with the omnibus edition on Sunday, November 29.
The large-sized omnibus edition Uncle John's Gigantic Bathroom Reader blends UNCLE JOHN'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY BATHROOM READER with UNCLE JOHN'S ABSOLUTELY ABSORBING BATHROOM READER in a large omnibus edition perfect for casual reading.
This new omnibus edition of Bluesman is a moody masterpiece of fiction that is all the more compelling because every word of it could be true.
And if they don't win, at least we can console ourselves with the fact that the Coronation Street omnibus edition is on at 10.
Her character was last heard in The Archers in an omnibus edition on September 19, 2004.
95) is a bargain, with over seven hundred pages packing a second omnibus edition of humor and insight.
The grandmother's latest book is called The Astor Inheritance, Mistress at the Hall, All for Jolie, Omnibus Edition.
This second omnibus edition of earlier successful books covers a wide range of writers across the whole of the 20th century.