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1. half a pint, esp of beer
2. Scot a small drink of spirits, esp whisky
3. Golf an equal score on a hole or round with an opponent
4. (in various games) either of two periods of play separated by an interval (the first half and second half)
5. short for halfpenny
6. Sport short for halfback

What does it mean when you dream about a half of something?

The notion of half can be expressed in dreams in a number of different ways. A door half open can indicate indecision. If cut in half, one is in conflict with oneself, between one’s mind and one’s body.

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Oaks Christian 42, Nordhoff 6: One half was enough for sophomore quarterback Jimmy Clausen and the top-seeded Lions of Westlake, whose win over Tri-Valley league rival Nordhoff advanced them to a rematch of last year's Div.
For one half, the Sparks looked as if they returned to their championship form.
2087 - An American Bistro - Three and one half stars

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