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A China-based manufacturer of Android smartphones. Introduced in 2014, OnePlus models are unlocked Android smartphones with quad-core Snapdragon CPUs and up to 8GB RAM that initially ran the Cyanogen version of Android (Cyanogen was later replaced with the company's own Android-based OxygenOS). See CyanogenMod.

The OnePlus One, the company's first phone, was widely praised for its quality and USD $349 price with 64GB of storage, less than half the cost of top phones in 2014. Devices are sold directly from the company, and although subsequent models have risen in price, they are still below flagship phones from Samsung and Apple. For more information, visit

OnePlus 7 (expected April 2019)
The 7 has a slightly larger screen, up to 10GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, triple rear cameras and larger battery.

OnePlus 6 and 6T (2018)
The highlights of the OnePlus 6 are a large 6.28" screen, all-glass case and from 64GB to 256GB of storage, a very large capacity for a smartphone. The 6T, which is slightly larger and heavier, added more pixels and moved the fingerprint sensor from the back to the screen itself. The battery is 400mAh larger, and the 3.5mm headphone jack was eliminated. Storage starts at 128GB with the 6T.

OnePlus 5 and 5T (2017) - (There was no 4 model.)
The OnePlus 5 debuted with dual cameras, 8x zoom and up to 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. Night Mode adjusts the screen when viewing in darkness, and Reading Mode switches to monochrome while adjusting the white balance to the ambient light. The 5T has a larger 6" screen and facial recognition.

OnePlus 3 and 3T (2016)
The OnePlus 3 was slightly thinner and lighter and offered fast charging (Dash Charge), NFC and 4K video. The 3T model offered a faster CPU and larger battery, and the 3T's front camera doubled the pixels from 8 to 16MP. See NFC and 4K resolution.

OnePlus 2 and X (2015)
A slightly thicker OnePlus 2 added a fingerprint scanner, USB Type C port and dual SIM capability. The entry-level OnePlus X was introduced with a 5" screen and fewer features.
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Oneplus started rolling out the Android Oreo update for the OnePlus 3 and the OnePlus 3T in November.
The new OnePlus 5T is compatible with some of Verizon and Sprint's LTE bands, but the device isn't approved by those carriers, as pointed out by (https://www.
For the first time, OnePlus is engaging with their community through a simulcast of the global launch at select PVR theatres in five cities.
The OnePlus 5 recently received the latest stable build of OxygenOS 5.
Robot'-smartphones from OnePlus have for years (https://twitter.
During the first round of its pre-Diwali sale, the company's flagship device - OnePlus 3T will be available at a special price of only Rs.
The OnePlus 5T, which recently got a limited 'Star Wars' edition version, is yet to receive Android 8.
Keeping in mind that details about the OnePlus 5T are subject to change up until the time the device is announced, the many leaks reveal a lot about the device.
During the 'OnePlus 1,000 Days' sale, the company's flagship devices OnePlus 3T will be available at a special price of Rs.
Other information circulating the internet about the OnePlus 6 suggests that it will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 platform .
While the OnePlus 5 stands as the 2017 flagship for OnePlus, the OnePlus 5T is expected to release with some updated specifications.
As a part of the OnePlus Super Seller week, customers will get exciting offer on Cleartrip on the purchase on any OnePlus device.