Open Space Institute

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Open Space Institute (OSI)

Address:1350 Broadway, Suite 201
New York, NY 10018

Established: 1974. Description:Concerned with protecting land for public benefit, providing public access to resources, protecting open space for public use, and protecting important landscapes. Focus is on New York, with large preserves in the Husdon Valley, the Catskills, and the Shawangunk Mountains. Members: Nonmembership organization. Dues: Donations welcome.
Publications: Open Space (biannual); free online.

See other parks in New York.
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Adams, co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council and chair of the Open Space Institute Board of Trustees, as well as with Friends of Beaverkill Community, Sullivan County and the town of Rockland in order to comprehensively address the bridges structural needs while restoring its historic character.
Boeing funded the purchase of the other two tracts by The Open Space Institute (OSI) and The Nature Conservancy.
Anderberg, general counsel of Open Space Institute (OSI).
The city bought the development rights at 80 percent of the properties' appraised value, she said, with a $410,000 state water supply protection grant, a $330,000 grant from the Open Space Institute and $80,000 from Fitchburg's Water Department budget.
Arden House, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966, is currently owned by preservation advocacy group the Open Space Institute.
Local governments are not prepared to handle the heavy toll of suburban sprawl according to a new study released in February by the Open Space Institute and the Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany.
His credentials as a policy analyst include experience as head of the natural resources-policy research office of the Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress, senior associate at the Conservation Foundation, executive director of the Open Space Institute, and president of the American Land Forum.
President and CEO of the Open Space Institute Kim Elliman said, Open Space Institute has a proud and successful tradition of protecting and preserving scenic, natural and historic open space landscape across New York State.
Harriman estate, America's first-ever conference center and once part of the Columbia University portfolio, is being offered by Colliers International on behalf of its owner, Open Space Institute, Inc.
The Open Space Institute purchased the 10,000-acre Tahawus property and is working with the state to add 6,000 acres to the Forest Preserve.
I am grateful to the Open Space Institute for helping make this project a reality.
In October 2003, the Open Space Institute (OSI)--a New York-based, nonprofit land conservation organization that works with the state to permanently protect landscapes from development--purchased nearly 10,000 acres of Adirondack forest known as the Tahawus property from Texas-based National Lead Industries.

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