Open space

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Open space

The area within a community that is not occupied by buildings or transportation networks; may be contained in a plaza, park, farmland, or part of the natural environment.

open space

In urban planning, the designation given parks, recreational and natural areas, or other land not occupied by buildings.
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On the hillside he had led the woman to one of the little open spaces among the bushes and had dropped to his knees beside her.
Thanks to great cooperation at all levels of government, the High Line can now be transformed into a new open space for all New Yorkers to enjoy.
The space outside the building is open space in a city, and it can be viewed as a system.
gt; Develop an open space development plan for all the Obed Nkosi Township open spaces.
The survey will sit alongside the work of the Strategic Green and Open Spaces Review Board, which is looking at ways to help Liverpool retain its parks and open space.
Natural: Birds Edge Rec, Bolster Moor Rec, Burnlee Rec, Causeway Crescent, Coronation Park, Cross Lane Rec, Crow Lane Football Field, Mbridge, Hawkroyd Bank Rec, Jubilee Field, Kayes Rec, Kinder Avenue, Meal Hill Rec, St Johns Avenue Open Space, Sunnymead Rec DEWSBURY Gold: Crow Nest Park, Dewsbury Crem, Ings Grove Park, Longcauseway Gardens,Dewsbury Town Centre Silver: Bridge Street Playing Fields, Carr House Park, Centenary Square F Field, Chadwick Hall Gdns O.
OPEN Space, the North East Business and Innovation Centre's new facility, has welcomed the first virtual tenant on board.
The Open Space Implementation Committee exists under the auspices of West Boylston's Townwide Master Plan, ostensibly a decision-guiding document first endorsed by town meeting in 1996.
According to the Supreme Court of Connecticut, property containing a commercial airport is eligible for open space classification.
The parks and open spaces are: YEAR ONE: Cash's Park, site security improvements; Park Wood Open Space, play area; Brinklow Road open space; play area; The Lindfield open space, play area; Alex Grierson Close, fencing; Longford Park, play area; Whitley Common, play area.
The Labour and Conservative groups were backing a motion by Tory councillor Craig Williams calling on the executive to "safeguard and enhance the current provision for green open space in every area of the city".
Increasingly, those developments are subject to "clustering" rules in which houses must be located on a portion of the total land and the remainder is left as open space.

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