Operating Speed

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Operating Speed


(digital computers), the average statistical number of operations (except operations of input, output, and access to files) performed by a computer per unit of time (nominal speed); one of the basic parameters of a digital computer that characterizes its performance. For example, the average speed of the Ural-11 digital computer is 50,000 operations per second; the BESM-6, which is designed to solve a broad range of complex problems in science, engineering, and the national economy, works at 1 million operations per second. The operating speed, taking account of the average time expenditures for input, output, exchange of information with files, and the monitoring of the computer’s operation, is called the effective speed.

The effective speed (Ve) is related to the nominal speed (Vn), by the formula Ve = vVn, where v is a certain generalized coefficient that takes into account the influence of low-speed devices, the logic structure of the computer, characteristics of the instruction repertoire, the influence of computer reliability, and losses owing to monitoring procedures and diagnostic-repair activities. As a rule, the value of this coefficient depends on the type of problem, each of which has its own corresponding Ve.

Operating speed is sometimes defined as the number of “addition” or “multiplication” operations. For example, the VNIIEM-3 control digital computer performs these operations with a speed of 40,000 and 16,000 operations per second respectively. In addition to the methods cited, there is also a method for evaluating computer speed by the number of typical problems the computer solves per unit time.


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The study hypotheses that, the CPI operating speed significantly affect the hydraulic performance and as a result affect the crop growth.
Ideally, the design speed will exceed or match the posted speed and operating speed, but that is not always the case.
Capable of producing high sort rates at slow operating speeds (200 cartons per minute at 400 feet per minute of travel), the low operating speed minimizes wear, noise and energy use.
6m/sec operating speed, these doors offer efficiency, security and, in keeping with all other Union Industries doors on the site, extreme reliability.
In industrial environments that rely on efficiency and organisation, a door's operating speed and reliability can play a surprisingly large role in meeting daily targets.
Typical operating speed is 26 rpm with an operating torque of 12.
Operators can take a dynamic advantage in the field with Dyna-VT, which allows selection of optimum operating speed regardless of engine rpm, as well as two pre-set operating speed controls in each speed range.
In addition, the SH7780 incorporates an on-chip floating point unit (FPU) with a maximum operating speed of 400 MHz.
Adding more memory not only will let your PC handle multiple applications simultaneously, it will increase its operating speed because your CPU (central processing unit) will not have to access the hard drive as frequently.
This is the first high-frequency electrical calibration suitable for correcting waveform measurements performed with non-invasive probes designed to allow the circuits to continue to function at the normal operating speed during electrical test.
It is rated for a maximum operating speed of 20,000 rpm (3-in, model) and 30,000 rpm (2-in.

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