Operational Command

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Operational Command


a large organizational unit of an armed service, consisting of large and small units of various combat arms (forces), special troops, command elements, and logistic and other services. The operational command is designed to wage independent or combined operations.

Among the operational commands are the front, consisting of several armies (in the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, and others the group of armies corresponds to the front as an operational command); the army, which consists of several large units (brigades and divisions and, in foreign armies, corps), and units of special forces; the fleet, which includes large units of surface ships and submarines, air forces, coastal defense, and naval bases; the flotilla, which may consist of mixed forces; and the air defense district, which is composed of various types of units.

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Its operational command is divided into two major fleets plus command of the Marine regiment.
Unit officers will not come under the control of operational command crime managers.
Operational command can be unified completely and adequately in Washington and in the field, in peace and war, irrespective of the administrative organization of the national defense into one, two, or three departments.
CARACAS -- President Hugo Chavez reportedly is set to use special decree powers to approve a new law that would remove the defense ministry from direct control over the armed forces and transfer it to newly-created Strategic Operational Command that would be comprised of military officers.
HollySys TIAS System uses deep integration technology, traffic command as the core, ATS, PSCADA, BAS and other professional information collection, processing, show based on a unified hardware, software and network platform for the operational command to provide a unified operational command platform.
We informed Secretary Bello that we will have to look into the report because as far as the NDFP Panel is concerned, the NPA is on active defense mode since 26 July as announced by Ka Oris, the newly appointed Head of the National Operational Command of the NPA,' Agcaoili said.
For his part, al-Shimmari / According to the statement / confirmed that, "The operational command has doubled its efforts to organize the return of the displaced to Anbar province and alleviate the suffering of families returning through the exits and entrances to the province," noting that it "has adopted a specific mechanism for cooperation with the local administration in Anbar.
The operational command centre is proposed for land off Leeward Drive in the Estuary Business Park, about a mile from Liverpool John Lennon Airport.
TOKYO, Jan 3 (KUNA) -- The Chinese military is to establish a joint operational command system "in due course," which would result in more-coordinated and combat-capable forces to efficiently respond to a crisis, state media said Friday.
Team West Mids were led by Road Policing Officer PC Chris Brock, who is based at the Stechford Operational Command Unit.
Also present at the meeting was the Commander of the Joint Operational Command, Lieutenant General Atanas Samandov.
Coventry's three operational command units based in the city centre, Willenhall and Foleshill, are set to be replaced by one "local police unit" by April 2010.

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