Optical Bench

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optical bench

[′äp·tə·kəl ′bench]
A rigid horizontal bar or track for holding optical devices in experiments; it allows device positions to be changed and adjusted easily.

Optical Bench


a laboratory device for testing optical instruments and parts thereof. In an optical bench, sliding supports, or carriages, slide along a heavy track. They carry various stands and tables on which the instruments or parts being tested are mounted. The carriages can be displaced along the bench’s track and securely fastened at any point. The mechanical displacements are exactly parallel to the optical and sighting axes of the instruments mounted on the optical bench. An optical bench can have a length of up to several meters.

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In 1987, Gates assumed responsibility for the Integrated Photonic Development Group at Bell Labs, which incorporates silicon optical bench micro-machining design and processing as related to optical device packaging, Si optical bench waveguide design and processing for integrated passive and active networks and electro-optic devices based on LiNb[O.
At the heart of the STS is a 1024-element CMOS detector in a crossed Czerny Turner optical bench.
The SIM spacecraft is an unusual box-shaped telescope with four pairs of 33-centimeter siderostats--flat tracking mirrors--separated by 10 meters on a very stable optical bench.
Tenders invited for Pre-aligned optical bench for measurement
Depending on the user-selected configuration of grating options and optical bench entrance slit size, optical resolution as good as 4.
One side of the drum is permanently attached and acts as a kind of optical bench on which the three mirror supports are anchored.
Features include a high-performance Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs)-array detector in a compact optical bench with thermoelectric cooler and low-noise electronics.
Data for the entire analytical range are obtained in as little as one minute, with no need for lens changes or optical bench realignments.
5 meters, thanks to an optical bench that extends after launch.
Components including the pump laser, OPO and optional UM modules are mounted on a single, hermitically sealed optical bench, allowing the system to be moved without losing alignment.