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1. the doctrine of the ultimate triumph of good over evil
2. the philosophical doctrine that this is the best of all possible worlds


See also Hope.
Bontemps, Roger
personification of cheery contentment. [Fr. Lit.: “Roger Bontemps” in Walsh Modern, 66]
beset by inconceivable misfortunes, hero indifferently shrugs them off. [Fr. Lit.: Candide]
Micawber, Mr.
sanguine gentleman, constantly “waiting for something to turn up.” [Br. Lit.: David Copperfield
Pangloss, Dr.
Candide’s incurably optimistic tutor. [Fr. Lit.: Candide]
always finds something to be glad about. [Am. Lit.: Pollyanna; Am. Cinema: Pollyanna in Disney Films, 170–172]


What a programmer is full of after fixing the last bug and just before actually discovering the *next* last bug. Fred Brooks's book "The Mythical Man-Month" contains the following paragraph that describes this extremely well.

All programmers are optimists. Perhaps this modern sorcery especially attracts those who believe in happy endings and fairy god-mothers. Perhaps the hundreds of nitty frustrations drive away all but those who habitually focus on the end goal. Perhaps it is merely that computers are young, programmers are younger, and the young are always optimists. But however the selection process works, the result is indisputable: "This time it will surely run," or "I just found the last bug.".

See also Lubarsky's Law of Cybernetic Entomology.
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Chou says realistic optimists use their realism to perform well at work and in exams, while their outlook enables them to deflect depression and to spot opportunities and take advantage.
Nine races are scheduled for the Laser Standard, Laser Radial and Optimist classes over three days from March 13 while the Q'ba fleet has four races from March 14 to 15.
Staff provided the OPP with a letter of authority to deal with issues at the Paris Optimist Skateboard Park, and had re-posted the vandalized regulations sign which indicated that bikes were not permitted at the skateboard park;
She also notes that pessimists tended to have a higher stress baseline than optimists, but also had trouble regulating their system when they go through particularly stressful situations.
Be an optimist and enjoy a simply fabulous 2013 at work and at home.
The event was funded by the International Optimist Class Association with the aim of setting up a North East Optimist Development Squad and proved a huge success.
Optimists are more willing to disengage from unrealistic courses of action, and reengage in more practical ones; they are more willing to adapt, and this seems to be part of the reason for their success.
What optimists are good at is "positive coping", the authors say.
Optimists have higher search yields and receive job offers more quickly.
A net total of 44% of economic optimists cite either low unemployment or the availability of jobs as the main sign the economy is improving.
The concert came about because Rachel Jackson, who plays for the Solihull Male Choir, and Marjory Fisher, director of The Optimists, thought it would be a good idea to join forces for a concert and to use it as an ideal opportunity to raise money for charity.
Cardiff Bay sailor David Pain, pictured, won the Welsh Youth Championship title in the Optimist fleet at a record-breaking weekend at Pwllheli.

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