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spoken language

The language one speaks or reads; for example, English or Swedish. Contrast with computer languages such as programming language, machine language, command language, fourth-generation language and markup language.

Spoken Language


(Russian, ustnaia rech’), speech (in the broadest sense of the term) in oral form, in contradistinction to written form (see). Any text expressed in any form of the language of an ethnic speech community or in any of the literary language’s functional styles can be communicated orally. Spoken language is, characteristically, unrehearsed, spontaneous, and flowing. These features of spoken language are most evident not in the oral reproduction of written texts but in the everyday speech of those who use the literary language. Some researchers use the term “colloquial spoken variant” to refer to the literary language in its oral form. In public speaking, the emphasis on a particular functional style restricts the manifestation of those features that normally characterize spoken language. Communication in dialect, jargon, and popular language (prostorechie) is usually in spoken form.

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Again, I found that my focus on oral language also supported writing activities with my students.
Although it is critical for students to develop control over a range of language forms, specific to a variety of contexts and purposes, the production and comprehension of decontextualised discourse is regarded as the oral language skill foundational to early literacy learning (Dickinson & Tabors, 2001; Hill & Launder, 2009; Raban, 2000; Snow 1991).
Questions represented concepts in the four domains of the VRA (a) Domain I: Assessment and Diagnostic Teaching (20%), (b) Domain II: Oral Language and Oral Communication (20%), (c) Domain III: Reading Development (40%), and (d) Domain IV: Writing and Research (20%).
The teachers decided that the play-based program would be a developmentally appropriate and intrinsically motivating approach for children to develop English oral language and to get immediate feedback.
One way to systemically create awareness around the importance of academic oral language development, or "academic talk," is to train teachers in ELL shadowing.
3) What progress in Korean oral language and literacy did the child make during the course of this study?
3) Children interact with oral language to understand life much the same way that Rosenblatt says that readers interact with text to make their own understanding of the text.
Rather, we describe emergent and early literacy as a continuum of all the behaviors, skills, processes, and concepts about written and oral language that precede and develop into conventional literacy skills (Sulzby, Branz, & Buhle, 1993; Teale & Sulzby, 1986).
In my teaching context, the use of specific corpora (homogeneous text collections) can work as significant reference for oral language evaluation.
EVERYDAY Language Solutions, the Thornaby-based charity which works in the community providing written and oral language support, has scooped two awards.
1) Identify the reading and oral language comprehension skills crucial for the satisfactory acquisition and understanding of basic health information by children, adolescents, and adults of various ages; 2) determine how intuitive or everyday notions of germs, contagion, environmental exposures, disease, drugs, bodily processes, and other health-related concepts influence health literacy and consequent illness prevention behaviors across the life course, and identify age-appropriate intervention techniques that can be used to mitigate these problems; 3) examine the role of social and cultural factors in the development of health literacy (e.
In a second study, 43% of children who got implants at age 2 had normal oral language abilities at ages 8 to 9, compared with just 16% of youngsters who got implants at age 4, reported Ann Geers, MD of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas.